Airports Job Order Contracts (JOC), Airports JOC 2023


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date11/2/23 2:00pm

Bid Date11/16/23 3:00pm

Company & Contacts

County of San Luis Obispo, Public Works

Sylvia Choi


County Government Center at 1055 Monterey Street, Room D361 (3rd Floor)

The County of San Luis Obispo Department of Airports (Airports) is responsible for developing and maintaining the Oceano (L52) and San Luis Obispo (SBP) airports. A Job Order Contract (JOC) is a competitively bid, firm-fixed-price indefinite-quantity contract. It includes a collection of detailed repair and remodel tasks and specifications that have established unit prices. It is placed with a Contractor for the accomplishment of repair, alteration, modernization, rehabilitation, etc., of buildings, structures, or other real property. JOCs have the ability to include both building/facility work (“vertical construction”) as well as infrastructure work (“horizontal construction”). This is ideal for the various projects on the horizon for Airports. Ordering is accomplished by means of issuance of a Job Order against the Contract. The Job Order will reference the Detailed Scope of Work and set forth the Job Order Completion Time and the Job Order Price. The Contractor, under the JOC Contract, furnishes management, labor, materials, equipment, and engineering support needed to perform the work. The County intends to award approximately one (1) contract, but reserves the right to award additional contracts from this procurement as needed. The County estimates the initial maximum dollar value of the Contract to be $750,000 for the one-year contractual period. The Contractor is not guaranteed to receive this volume of Job Orders. It is merely an estimate. The County has no obligation to give the Contractor the opportunity to perform Job Orders of any minimum value. The law allows for the Contract amount to be increased up to $5,797,275 within the one-year contractual period, upon mutual consent and provided additional bonds are provided. Therefore, the County reserves the right to increase the amount of the Contract allowable by law based on budgetary considerations and performance of the Contractor. The JOC Contract includes a Construction Task Catalog® (CTC). This CTC is based on the use of experienced labor and high-quality materials. All of the unit prices incorporate prevailing local wage, equipment and materials cost data. The CTC is work segment based. The CTC also incorporates local activity, climate and geographic features. The County selected The Gordian Group’s Job Order Contracting (JOC) Solution (Gordian JOC SolutionTM) for their JOC Program. The Gordian JOC SolutionTM includes Gordian’s proprietary JOC software applications (JOC Applications) and construction cost data (Construction Task Catalog®), which shall be used by the Contractor solely for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations under this Contract, including the preparation and submission of Price Proposals, subcontractor lists, and other requirements specified by the County. Bidders will offer four (4) pricing Adjustment Factors. Two (2) Adjustment Factors for Projects in General Facilities and two (2) Adjustment Factors for Projects in Secure Areas - for both Normal Working Hours and Other Than Normal Working Hours (overtime) to be applied to the Construction Task Catalog® Unit Price. These Adjustment Factors will be proposed separately. The Construction Task Catalog® and the Contractor's Adjustment Factors will be incorporated in the awarded Contract.