Biosolids Pad Rehabilitation

The work includes furnishing of labor, materials, and services for the construction of the following: (1) Mobilization, Demobilization, Bonds & Insurance (2) Demolish and pulverize existing AC pad (approximately 18,725 square ft) and AC curbs (approximately 275 linear ft) for use as aggregate base. Protect the existing drains and concrete curbs in place. (3) Demolish, pulverize or dispose of debris, and install new 6” AC curb to replace existing border around the southern and western edges of the pad and area surrounding northwest drain (approximately 280 linear ft). (4) Demolish approximately 710 square ft. of AC surrounding northwest drain, using skip loader. Material to be processed as aggregate base onsite or disposed offsite by Contractor. (5) Grade and compact the combined 19,435 square ft areas using the processed AC, existing aggregate base, and up to 2” of new aggregate base material. Slope to existing drains. (6) Pave the combined 19,435 square ft with 3” of asphalt concrete similar to original grade and elevation, sloped to existing drains. Alternative Bid Item: (7) Install sealcoat on 18,725 square ft of AC pad.


Bidding Closed

Bid Date9/22/23 2:00pm

Company & Contacts

Goleta Sanitary District
Reese Wilson, Senior Project Engineer  
(805) 967-4519 x108 or


Goleta, CA

The project cost estimate is $80,000, exclusive of the alternative bid item.