Congregation B'nai Birth Renovation (2-10-23 Revisions)

Full campus renovation


Bidding Closed

Bid Date3/9/23 3:00pm

Company & Contacts

Frank Schipper Construction

Erwin Villegas


1000 San Antonio Creek Rd, Santa Barbara

This project consists of the following:   

This is a full campus renovation that consists of the demolition and reconstruction of the Center for Jewish Learning (CJL) Building including adding a new elevator for this building, an addition and renovation of the Sanctuary Building, additions to the Rooftop Photo Voltaic System, a new Playground & Courtyard and a new Parking Lot with new sitework, hardscape and landscape / irrigation.  Please refer to the Bid instructions for more information.  The Preschool will be fully operational during construction activity.  Safety of our crews and the staff/children will be very important! They are requesting the bids to be broken out via the following:

Central Plaza Canopy                $_____________

CJL Building                              $_____________

Demolition                               $_____________

Grading                                   $_____________

Playground Shade Canopy         $_____________  (missing S&E sheets)

Structural and electrical drawings still pending (anticipated next week). Electrical scope is lighting only and a light fixture schedule has already been provided on the architectural drawings. Controls for this lighting are already included in the Site Improvement electrical sheets. 

Sanctuary Building                   $_____________

Site Improvements                    $_____________  (Missing P Sheets)

Plumbing sheets for the 4 outdoor sinks at the playground are pending (anticipated this week). Sinks are already shown in the landscape and architectural plans. Sinks require connection to the site sewer and venting which will be documented in the forthcoming plumbing sheets.

The missing sheets will be provided next week for the Playground Shade Canopy Structure & Site Improvements. 

There are design-build deferred submittal elements of the project which are noted on our cover sheets and should be included. They are as follows:

  • Photovoltaic System 

  • Re-Roofing of Existing Sanctuary roof areas otherwise not included in bid set drawings (to match the new roof membrane and finishes indicated in our drawings)

  • Fire Alarm System for both buildings

  • Fire Sprinkler System for both buildings

  • Custom Play Structure